The Potato Chip Caper (Another New York Tale)

I remember once while in New York City awaiting a bus transfer on my way back to Fort Dix, or I may have been on my way home. I forget exactly but this incident I remember crystal clear.

I was at the depot up the street from time’s square waiting on my connecting bus and decided I wanted a bite to eat. I exited the depot  and entered this little convenient store across the street a few doors down to grab some snacks and grub a bit to eat. There were only a couple patrons in the store, the owner behind the counter and a New York city Cop who just happened to be hanging out shooting the shit with the owner. The  short line cleared and I was the only one left aside from the cop and the owner.

So I have all my food on the counter and the owner begins ringing up the sale when low and behold the door opens and in walks this guy/kid in his twenties or so.  (Not that skin color or nationality, religion or ethnicity matters but he just happened to be black)

So I’m standing there, The cops on my left a few feet away leaning against one of the display shelves and him and the owner are engaged in a conversation and laughing.

To my right the door opens and in walks this guy. The door no sooner shut behind him when this little Italian guy (the owner) fly’s over the counter and begins whaling and pounding on this dude beating the crap out of him.

My first impulse was to stand aside so the cop could break it up but the cop never reacted, didn’t even move a muscle, he just stood there watching the owner whale on this guy.

A few moments later and after some screaming and hollering the guy finally manages to run out of the store.

So I’m standing there in shock trying to process what the hell just went down looking back and forth to the owner and the cop who still didn’t move.

So the owner returns to behind the counter, this time walking around the counter instead of flying over it like superman and begins finishing up ringing up the sale. I couldn’t resist asking, WTF was that all about. And the owner went on to inform me that about twenty minutes before I entered this dude had come in the store and grabbed a bag of chips and a couple other items and ran out before the owner could grab, or stop him.

While shocked the cop didn’t even flinch during all this I must say I was quite impressed by this little guy as the other dude was much baggier.

Now at the time of this occurrence (about thirty five years ago)  the cost of a bag of chips was perhaps fifth teen, maybe twenty cents a bag. I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed.

I would have to say that justice was served that evening and that this dude got what he deserved and that he was dam lucky it was only some potato chips he stole. I can only imagine what would have happened to him, had he stolen a box of doughnuts.

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Imagine That!!!

Imagine That!!!

(Another resurrected blog)

This night and memory has hunted me for many years. Mainly; because I have no way to validate my suspicions.

I was on a 90 day medical leave of absence awaiting my discharge from the US Army. Due to a mix up in the paper work I was listed as AWOL. A letter came to my mother’s house stating I was AWOL.
I immediately made some phone calls and was instructed to go to the local recruiting office where I was to hook up with a couple MP’s and arrange transportation to Fort Devin’s  where the matter would be corrected.

I was cuffed; and arrested by the MP’s, and thrown in the back of a van and brought to fort Devin’s out in western Ma.

From there communication with Fort Dix N.J. proved that indeed there was a mix up in the paper work and I was ordered to return to Fort Dix for separation processing.

I was put on a bus and sent back to the base in N.J. While at Fort Devin’s I met A guy from N.H. who had Really gone A.W.O.L.  (he had bugged out and spilt during Basic because he was getting bullied and was given a couple blanket parties  in the middle of the night while sleeping.

We were given bus tickets and sent back to Fort Dix in NJ. The bus was scheduled for two stops in New York City, our transfer was at the second; but we got off at the first one by accident.

We had to take the subway across town to the other gray hound bus terminal.

It was still early perhaps seven or eight PM. But By the time we arrived there we had missed our bus (It was the last one out that night and we had no choice but to hang in the terminal all night and catch the next one out first thing in the morning .

While there at the terminal we some how ended up in a conversation with this gentleman.

After some small talk he offered to buy us a beer so we jumped in a cab and shot off to some bar for a drink.

From there we proceeded to bounce around New York City hitting different bars and clubs, never staying for more than one or two drinks and then jumping in a cab and moving on. We must have hit a dozen bars that night. It was his treat; cabs; drinks, everything and all on his dime.

I recall one bar we went into the band was on break when we entered. We no sooner sat down at one of the tables and ordered a drink when the band returned and began playing one of the Beatles songs. Apparently this band was one of the Beatle-mania groups around at the time. Our host and new friend became very uneasy and demanded we leave right away and go somewhere else. Being a big fan of the Beatles music I promptly disagreed and said no, but our host was obviously uptight at something and insisted he was leaving with or with out us. He couldn’t get out of there fast enough; they had to just about drag me out I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t even have a beer yet and I loved the Beatles.

Though disappointed I reluctantly agreed and followed them out and flagged another cab and we were off to another bar. He never told us or explained why he wanted to leave. We had barely ordered and had only had a sip or two of our drink. I think the next bar was the last one we went to. At this point I was feeling the effects of the drinks. But I recall it was a quite place; very nice and the bartender knew our host.

As it turned out He invited us to stay at his house so we would not have to stay at the bus terminal. We both agreed. And we ended up in another cab and at the Dakota. (I’m almost 100% sure; In fact I know…it was the Dakota).

I recall it was a very prestigious place and had doormen in the lobby and at the front entrance. We took the elevator up stairs and entered his house. Our host’s living room was as big as my whole apartment.

Moments after we entered; a woman emerged from and other room and began questioning our host as to who we were. I only saw her briefly and she quickly retreated back to where she had emerged from.

At this point it was late and was well after midnight.  Our host had been very hospitable and friendly throughout the night and more than generous to us considering we were perfect strangers. His home was obviously a prestigious (at the very least a very modest) and very secure place to bed down for the remainder of the night until day break which at this point was only a few hours  away.

We weren’t there for very long when I began to become uncomfortable and concerned about missing the first bus out in the morning to Trenton where from there we would catch another bus to the base. We were already over due at this point and were expected to have reported to our units some time earlier that evening. I mean after all we had supposedly gone A.W.O.L. and were again over due from our expected ETA to the base.  The last thing I wanted was to be met by MP’s on our arrival at the base and thrown in a jail cell.

I decided it best that we go back to the bus terminal and wait on the bus‘s departure.  At this point it was only a few hours wait. I dared not even attempt a cat nap for fear of over sleeping and missing the bus. My comrade in arms adamantly refused and rejected the Idea. Our host pleaded with me to stay but we had orders and I had made up my mind I would be on that bus come hell or high water and at the base as soon a humanly possible to report for duty as ordered.

I apologized and thanked our host for the good time, his generosity, hospitality, and the tour of the New York City bars and went on my way, leaving my comrade behind as he wished.

A doorman on the ground level hailed me a cab and before I knew it, I was at the bus terminal once again. Some junk food and coffee helped sober me up a bit over the next couple hours. I got on that bus a few hours later by myself. My comrade never showed up. And I never saw him again. A month later, I was processed out of the United States Army on a medical discharge and was en-route home to begin my life once again as a civilian.

This all took place in  late 1979. I reported that my comrade and I had become separated in the city at some point the previous night and he never showed up for the bus that morning. Though I strongly suspected he had once again decided he wanted no part of being a soldier and military life. I can’t blame him, he was looking at much harsher disciplinary action than me. My situation was a paper work foul up; his was an actual and willful A.W.O.L.

I soon forgot about that night and never gave it another thought until a couple years later when I heard the news of John Lennon’s assassination and murder.  It was then it dawned on me a couple years later thinking about NYC and that night. The more I thought of it the more it bothered and haunted me.

Could it have been?

Is it possible?

At this point much of that night was just a blur and just a very foggy memory to me and I could recall very few details with the exception of a just a couple.

I didn’t know anything about John and Yoko at the time, Let alone what they looked like or where they lived; or if John Lennon  was that kind of warm loving and generous person and did things like that for perfect strangers .

The little I can remember haunts me.

The bar where the band came on, and began playing a Beatles tune;

Him becoming uptight and wanting to leave after we had just arrived and sat down.

His home and what I believe was or may have been the Dakota.

The oriental looking woman; that appeared when we entered his home; and just as quickly; disappeared.

Could it have been?

I just don’t know, and to this day it bugs me to no end.

The only person (‘s) that could possible validate this; is Yoko Ono herself or my long lost comrade and I dear not attempt to contact her; nor would I begin to know how to go about doing so. And even if it were John would she even remember something that may or may not have happened thirty two / thirty three years ago?
Perhaps this is just all just wishful thinking on my part; the product of my over active imagination at work. I guess it’s just one of them things I will never know for sure one way or the other.

But To this day, I wish to god I stayed there that night.
But we had orders…

And when you’re a soldier orders must be obeyed!!!

That being said…

Who ever you are/were; if these words happen to find you all these years later; I want to thank you once again for the good time, your selflessness, generosity, and hospitality that night.


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Scars Of Freedom

 Scars Of Freedom

This post is a revised version I wrote a few years ago.  I thought it fitting on this Memorial Day weekend to re-post it as a tribute and thank you to all our veterans who have served our Nation and put their lives on the line for us.

We watched from a distance as the stranger staggered across the intersection stumbling. We thought it humorous and made snide remarks to one another as we continued drinking our beers. “This dude’s totally wasted,” someone said laughing; assuming he was drunk. When he spotted us sitting on the porch down the street, he changed course and began weaving and stumbling in our direction. Occasionally stopping to briefly lean and rest against a parked car. He stumbled half way down the street in our direction before crouching and leaning against a telephone pole. With a waving motion of his hand, and moan, he called out to us with a request for help; we promptly went over to him.

The last thing any of us expected or planed on that evening, was spending the night at the local hospital emergency room. He was hurt and needed medical treatment. There were no cell phones in those days; the late seventies, nor was there a 911 system in our city at that time. He had been stabbed in a bar fight across town, and was in rough shape. How he managed to travel in that condition from the bar, to our neighborhood two or three miles away was nothing short of an act of God.  WE quickly placed him into the back seat of my friends car and raced him off to the local hospital emergence room 10 miles away, with four of us in tow. I stayed behind with the others as there was no room for all of us.

When the police responded at the hospital’s request; there was little my friends could offer them for their report and aid them in their investigation of the stabbing,  as none of us had actually witnessed the event other than explain how he had stumbled upon us requesting help and our response as good Samaritans. The next day I was briefed on all the fun they had at the hospital after the police had left. They had a grand ole time having wheel chair races up and down the hospital corridors and parking lot while waiting to see if this stranger was going to be alright. Once they received word from one of the nurses at the ER that he was stabilized and would be alright they left and that was the end of our dealings with this stranger. Or at least so we all thought anyway. Weeks passed; we had all but forgot about this stranger, we never even got his name that night.

One night a few weeks later he showed up in our neighborhood again out of the blue; this time he was not hurt and came bearing gifts; a case of beer and a bottle of booze. He thanked us for helping him. We talked and hung out for a couple hours. For three weeks or so, after that; he would pop by for a short visit and hang out; always bringing a case of beer for us, and a bottle of booze for himself. His unexpected visits were short and brief, never lasting more than a couple hours. At that time, my friends and I were all still in high school and not old enough to buy alcohol, so we all loved and welcomed this gift bearing friend. It was his way of thanking us for helping him that night.

Prior to, and during that summer, I had been working part time at a local fast food joint. My boss was a Marine and had served and fought in Viet Nam. After closing we would sometimes gather in his office and have a few beers with him. It was rear but occasionally he would sometimes tell us little tidbits about being in Nam. He always kept it in general terms and spared us the gruesome details of the suffering and the realities of war. He used terms like heavy, heavy combat, running out of ammo, hand to hand combat, suffering heavy casualties, once he did mention he underwear literally was rotting off him from being in the bush for months on end. I never fully grasp or understood, as no civilian can, that has never experienced or witnessed firsthand the horrors and sufferings of war. Hearing those stories I never fully grasp or understand, what he had experienced and endured. He had no visible scars and seemed normal in every sense of the word. It never occurred to me that he most likely suffered emotional and mental torment from what he experienced and witnessed during the war.

I’ve heard it said that nothing is ever truly learned or understood until it is first experienced. While this may not hold true for all things in life, it certainly holds true when it comes to the horrors of war. And no one knows this better than the brave men and women that have sacrificed so much, and fought for our nation defending our liberties and freedoms.

On one of those hot summer days that this new friend of ours happened to visiting on, and hang out; he briefly remove his shit. It was then at that moment the reality of the war and the suffering he endured really hit me. White people don’t scar like black people. Scars are scars, but for some reason those of a black man seem much more intense. They stand out and are much more visible and noticeable on a person of color than on a white person.

The whole of his once black skinned back and shoulders were covered with pink and white scar tissue that weaved, zigzagged, and crisscrossed from his waste to his shoulders. These were not wounds from combat or shrap-metal from bombs exploding; but were the result of being continuous tortured at the hands of his captors’. It was unlike anything I had ever seen or witnessed. It turned my stomach.

I will never forget that awful sight. It has forever been burned into my memory. I was horrified. The suffering and pain of war is a horrible thing. But it becomes an even greater travesty and abomination when men become the victims of such unspeakable torture and suffering at the hands of evil men; and are carved up intentionally, like slabs of meat. Knowing that humans are capable of such cruelty, atrocities and inflecting senseless suffering such as this; I find especially disturbing, alarming, and horrifying. I cannot even begin to imagine the suffering he endured in that POW camp at the hands of the Vietcong. But for a few brief moments I witnessed what hearing a thousand stories could never convey or make me understand so clearly.

I’ve heard personal stories and watched the documentaries on the war throughout the years; how unpopular it was, and how some of our soldiers were treated; scuffed at and spit on, when returning home. This too is deeply bothersome and disturbing to me, how unappreciated they’re loyalty and service to our nation was. It’s very sad.

Our new friend’s visits were brief and short lived; soon after he appeared he likewise disappeared, and we never seen him again. We never found out if something happened to him or he just moved on. I guess we’ll never know. I can only hope and pray that he is somewhere in the US alive and well, happily married with children and grand children, living a comfortable happy life.

The visions of those  scars are forever a reminder to me of the cost this man, and millions like him paid for serving our great nation and defending our freedom. May God Bless each and every one of the men and women that serve, and have served our nation past/present/future and defending our way of live, and our freedom, and most of all;  for what they have endured and the sacrifices they made and continue make daily for us.


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Ya know that old Cliché…

You know the one… The one that says…

“If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is”

WELL they WERE NOT talking about “IT”, The new social/E-commerce network.

“IT” is truly a great opportunity for those who want “IT” and are willing to work at “IT”

If you’re willing to invest some time and a little hard work then “IT” might just be you’re life changing,  game changer and means to a better life that you’ve been looking for.

 But “IT” will not come to you. You have to go after “IT” and work at “IT”.



I’ll see you on the inside…


Live on It

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There’s a Fire Storm, And Life Altering Events on the Horizon…








The nest 35 minutes could change your life

!!!DO “IT”!!!

Link 1 “ENTERPRISE’S” Hosted by Terry Bradshaw (5 Minutes)

Link 2 “The First Look”  (12 Minutes)

Link 3 “You Mean There’s More? YES THERE’S MORE! ”(17 Minutes)

Sign up Link…

Sign Up Here


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Compliance Alert!!!

Compliance Alert

You Have to Sign Up for “IT”

In Order to Get “IT”

Ok Time to put this out there and request some feedback.

I’ve been ranting and raving about “IT” for a few months now.

And Now “IT”’s here…

Available to ALL free users (Affiliates)…

And to ALL upgraded paid users (Associates) of the Marketing Co. IGrow, that is marketing “IT”.

OK So I’ve not only been ranting and raving about “IT” and posting away like crazy, I’ve also sent each and every one in my friends list private message’s with the link to sign up for “IT”. (I mean what the hell “IT” Free right?

So At present I’ve gotten little to no response from anyone in my friends list; which I must say surprised me. Not even a return PM asking me what this is and what’s “IT” all about.

Naadaa…. ZIP!, As far as any sort of response or show of interest: by anyone…

So I have to ask…

What is it about “IT” and or IGrow (the marketing Co. marketing “IT”) that is unattractive to you all, and preventing or holding you all back from at least signing up for a free user account with the new Social/E-Social network?

Are you all just faithful Face Bookers and happy with Facebook and where you’re at in your social online networking life?

Are you just waiting and watching before you decide to sign up to see what happens?

Talk to me, Is there something about “IT” that you don’t understand?

Do you think it’s a scam and destined for failure, or a legit business idea that will go viral; What?

Surly you must have some idea and or opinion of “IT” formed in your little heads by now.

Talk to me People What up? What’s going on in those little brains of yours out there. I want to know….

Not even the crickets are making any sound they are all so eerily silent….

Is this the “Calm before the Storm”?

Thoughts anyone?

The First Look

And there’s more




sign up here


The Droves“IT”








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E-Commerce: A Two Trillion Dollar Cash Cow

In 2014 internet web sales in the United States alone topped the threshold of Three hundred billion dollars for the first time in history. (That’s $300,000,000,000)

The average growth of E-Commerce over the past six years in the U.S. has held steady at around approximately Fifteen Percent (15%) and is expected to at least maintain that grow rate in the future.

Consider for a moment the amount of E-Commerce that takes place on a global scale.

In 2015 Global E-Commerce growth is expected to increase by 21% from 2014, and reach $1.326 TRILLION.



Now those are serious numbers…..

And by 2018 e-commerce is expected to cross the threshold of 2 Trillion Dollars…

Think about that for a moment…

That’s a Huge Cash Cow, Don’t you think?

OK so I’m thinking and pondering “IT”, the new social/e-commerce network now in its final stages of development. “IT” officially went into Beta testing on Monday April 27, 2015, and is about to be released and launched to the public.

Word has it that there will be an internet explosion when “IT” is launched, and that “IT” will rock the internet.

I’m associated with the marketing company that has the exclusive rights to marketing the social/e-commerce site.

There are multiple ways to earn as an associated member of the marketing company, or people may choose to just be free users of the new “IT” network.

Ether way….

It appears what we have is “The Next Big Thing”

I’m thinking this is a great opportunity to use “IT” as a home based business.

So the question I’m pondering is how much of that 2 Trillion dollar e-commerce cash cow’s market can we expect “IT” to capture?

With over twenty thousand retailers connected to “IT”  and that number is expected to rise also.

What percent of that market can “IT” capture?

1% of that 2 Trillion dollar market captured will still amount to TWO BILLION DOLLARS ($2,000,000,000).

That’s only 1%, but what can we realistically really expect “IT” to capture from that market? Surely a lot more than just 1% don’t you think?

The numbers are staggering. But the best part about “IT” is that this social/e-commerce network is sharing that revenue with it users through commissions when a sale occurs. More features are expected to be added also like traveling, vacationing, hotel lodging and many other types of online businesses and merchants. “IT” will not be restricted to just retail merchandise.



The users get paid for doing the same thing they do on other social networking sites. Posting, tagging, and sharing.

I would like to invite you all to sign up with a free user account for “IT” at this link.

I’ll see you on the inside.

IT Preview

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