Pondering The Deep Abyss Of Our Humanity

It’s hard to get people to step out of their comfort zone, and take a chance. Even when what’s outside their zone is a good thing. Though most will not admit it; so many people now-a-days are so plagued with Fear, Doubt, and Insecurity. Why is that? Have you ever wondered why?

It’s a battle between the meek and the sheep, and the demons and the beast. I almost hate to say it but to me it’s seems that too many of us are losing to the demons and the beast. The problem is that the demons and the beast live within us.

We try all kinds of things but nothing seems to fix us. Gyms, medications, councilors for this and shrinks for that. If I only had this or I only had that. If I’d only had done this instead of that. Where does it end?

Life is a mystery that’s for sure.

So where am I going with this you’re probably wondering.

Well I’ll tell you…

NOWHERE! That’s where?

I just felt the need to do a little free write to clear my head of all my frustrations with not only myself but with the people in my life and life in general.

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself. What if all this religious shit isn’t really true? What if there is no Almighty savior of the earth and humanity. Or what if there is but we just have it all wrong.

It matters not what religion you worship. And understand and know this most people worship their religion NOT OUR CREATOR. Where do you fit in that realm? Would you be willing to question everything in your so called “Holy Book”? Would you be willing to throw the thing in the trash or burn it? Why, Why not?

Do you think humanity has a chance of surviving on our own without our creators. I’ve long believed that we humans (the human race) do not possess the wisdom, understanding, intelligence, and knowledge to properly care for ourselves, our environment, and our planet, without the direct involvement and interaction of our creator. That we are on a path of self destruction and annihilation; and until we reach that point where it is beyond any reasonable doubt in the minds and hearts of every single human being that Christ Jesus as we call him will not return and intervene in our sorry affairs. Christ words come to my mind when I ponder these thoughts. “Less those days be cut short. Not One soul shall survive.” But the irony of the name of Christ is that that is not even his Name. Sure that’s what we’ve been taught was his name but according to the scripture (at least the book of Revelation) It really isn’t, check out Revelation 19: 12. I don’t believe in Hell, I believe every human being that has ever lived will have a chance during the 1,000 year millennium period that the bible speaks of to experience both sides of the coin so to speak. And be able to then choose whether or not they want to serve our creator. If there is a hell it was not created for us but rather for the rebellious angels that followed the devil in his revolt. And even that; I have much to say about. Sometimes the scriptures just don’t make sense and continually contradict themselves. But that’s a rant for another time.

If it is indeed true, that the truth will set us free, than I for one will question and continue to question everything under the sun even the existence of our creator himself and his so called holy book. And I think my creator would want it that way. (Well at least as long as I don’t answer my own questions). And I am well on my way to being a truly free man. Amen.

And that my readers is the end of my rant for this evening, I do hope I rattled you out of your comfort zone if only for a moment or two.

Do you agree/disagree, leave a comment (If you dare step out of your comfort zone) I’d love to read your thoughts…



No Bout-A-Doubt “IT” “IT”‘s a Grand Slam!!!


“IT”’s very impressive.

“IT” is now officially in Beta Testing.

I received access to “IT” yesterday and have sense been doing “IT”

And I’m excited to announce I absolutely love “IT”

And I know the world is going to love “IT” also.

What initially captured me was the nice clean two Column interface and lay out. This was very appealing, clean looking and looked easy to navigate. There is no clutter but rather a simple two Colum web design.

The left side being the main news feed, with its own nav bars, and various functionality’s.

The right column is the user’s time line. Again having its own nav bars with its own various functionality’s.

I’m Sold!

Now having had access to “IT” through the Beta Testing phase, and being able to play with “IT” and check out  “IT”’s  features on not only my desktop but also on my Android with the New 2.0 version; I’m sold, hook, line, and sinker. There’s “No Bout A doubt “IT””!!!!



Once I set up my profile and timeline photo’s and began experimenting with all the various features, the excitement grew even more.

I can’t rave enough about “IT” I know the public is going to ABSOLUTELY LOVE “IT” when “IT”’s released.

I’ve been having so much fun. I’ve made new friends, enjoyed the experience and the process,

Posted and commented on other users posts, and interacting with others in the community.

“IT”’s a wonderful online atmosphere  and community.

I can’t say enough about it.

So let me get down to the nifty gritty and nuts and bolts of “IT” for you all.

The functions  on the Nav bar (Top Left) in the main news feed are simple and easy to navigate, and loaded with nifty features.

Each post likewise also has some nifty and fun gadgets e.g. A temperature button, to heat up the post.  A grow button (the sharing and tagging the posts)

Other features allow you to tag posts with various products.

Shopping; Searching  options for products from twenty thousand retailers connected to “IT”.

The toggling between the two columns was another outstanding feature that I liked.

I had a blast!


The Right Column, (my timeline) and profile is equally impressive with easy navigation and cool features.

In the screen shot below I “Grew” (shared) a post of another user’s photo and tagged the photo with hair styling products, you’re looking at  the search results with a list of hair styling products to tag this post with.

This I thought was also a most outstanding feature that I fully enjoyed. I thought  tagging hair styling products served the pug well.

It rocks

As you can see there are a number of options in the nav bar. Clicking the Green “IT” (top left) refreshes the news feed.

As you can see from the next photo

My Time line and profile photo’s  Old Iron Sides herself and yours truly) along with a post I made. The other post is the founder and CEO of “IT” in the news feed with friends giving “IT” a Thumbs Up!!!



It photo



And I think the World will be also and is going to love “IT”.

I have to say I’m extremely excited about being a part of this Beta Testing prior to “IT”’s launch to the public.

The Founders of this “IT” have truly created a wonderful community combining all the pleasantries of social networking and added ecommerce.

“IT”’s a WIN, WIN, WINNER… and the “IT” Team has hit “IT”,  the ball  out of the park with bases loaded.

I’m proud and honored to have the opportunity to test drive “IT” as one of  the Beta Testers.

I fully support and endorse “IT”.

And Invite Everyone;

Come One, Come All,

And sign up for a free user account with “IT”, the new social network that is going to Rock the Internet.

At this link below.



IT  is it


To the beta testing community I’d like to extend a big thank you for making my experience with “IT” a pleasant one.  The warm welcome I received and help navigating the site made me feel right at home.


I’m Eagerly Awaiting on “IT”

I’m excited and full of anticipation while awaiting on “IT”

My apology everyone.

I sort of fizzled out in my research with psychoanalyzing people and the who’s, what’s, and Why’s of peoples habits and the use of social media, but I didn’t exactly lie.

I might have stretched the truth a wee bit and given the impression I’m some sort of psychology guru,  but my intentions were pure.

I really did want  this next blog to be extremely informative and packed with little tidbits of information I hoped you readers would find extremely interesting and written with a spin that would make this read fun and enjoyable to read and that some of you if not all would, and could identify with.

But things don’t always turn out the way we plan. In this case I just simply got side tracked by my daily life and thrown off my research game. Thus was unable to gather all the fun little facts about what makes people tick and why they use social media, what they expect from it, how they use it and why, etc. etc.

The simple truth is that I don’t know all those juicy facts and figures, so in a nut shell you were unintentionally left hanging if you’ve been eagerly awaiting this piece to arrive in your inbox.

So the past couple pieces I’ve been raving about this new “IT” social media site ready to be launched and working really hard trying to promote “IT” in various social media circles on the internet but to little avail. I can’t seem to get much interest sparked about “IT”

Nobody seems to care. Or at least it seems that way. I would imagine that perhaps much of this seemingly lack of interest is probably due to the fact that “IT” has not been released to the public yet, thus people really can’t get a feel for it and play with it and this impairs the excitement level. If people can’t see “IT” feel “IT”, play with “IT”, post on “IT”, check out all of “IT”’s features, and the twenty thousand sum odd retailers associated to  “IT”, then “IT”, I think quickly gets pushed aside and booted off the top of the priority list and soon gets forgotten about.

But good things come to those who wait and I commend the creators of “IT” for not rushing “IT” into the market place and making sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed and making sure all the bugs are worked out, because to release the product (any product) prematurely; in most cases doom’s it to failure. thus the wait is well worth it.

But, I’ve had little success in signing people up with free accounts, and I guess this is certainly understandable. I think most people are just waiting and watching and sitting back thinking they will just watch and see how this plays out when and if “IT” is released and then maybe consider signing up and checking it out.

I would suspect also that people in general are pretty much social media’ed out and just plain sick of the crap that continually pops up on our face book pages and other social media sites that we all happen to belong to.

And or perhaps many are just among and fall within the faithful Face Book users category. They’re not on social media interacting with friends and others to market their businesses, or make money and or shop.

There are other sites for things like that, e.g. EBay, Amazon, various auction sites, and/or their favorite retailer’s web sites if they are shopping. But the good news is that many of these will be integrated into and associated with the new “IT” social network.

And then of course I guess there are many who just do not like buying merchandise online for whatever reasons (fear of identity or credit card number theft e.g.). And again, with “IT” (like most products) many people like instant gratification, they like to be out physically amongst  the public in the stores when shopping, where they can see, feel, and touch, and examine personally things they are considering buying and/or selling. No one wants to wait for their merchandise to arrive in the mail or to be shipped to their home. They want to buy it, get it home asap, open it up and play with it, wear it, hang it on the wall, set it up in their front or back yard, patio, show it off and the like.

Ya! That’s right, instant gratification. That’s what people want.

So for whatever reason, for me anyways it’s been a slow process finding and getting people excited about “IT” and getting them to sign up. And let’s face it. Consumers are wise and have become leery of big promises made in marketing and sales promotion campaigns offered by big companies. Their only goal is to make money, and will say anything to get consumers to fork over their hard earned cash, right? Ya, We all know the gig and how the game is played.

So why am I so excited about “IT”?

Well I’ll tell you.

First and foremost, I’m excited about “IT”  because I believe that once released “IT” WILL GO VIRAL! Well at least I certainly hope so.

I personally have only used social media as a networking tool for political activism and as a soap box to voice my opinions and disapproval of governmental policies, news events and other major and minor things taking place on a local, state, nationwide, and Global scale. I like tearing into anything I can find or that I disapprove of, but that gets old and never seems to produce anything good or of value. Many time’s I feel like I’m just talking to myself, and nobody is listening.

Engaging in discussions concerning things like politics, are one of them things that never seem to produce anything of value. Many times these discussions only turn into fights and name calling and personal attacks, and likewise with many other topics and subject matters.

And then of course there is always that element of fear, doubt and insecurity of exposing to much personal information or how people really feel about certain subjects for fear of being attacked. I mean after all the internet is the internet and one never truly knows who one is truly dealing with or the true identity of the people they deal with online.

Thus I’ve made a decision to personally change the way I use social media sites. And I think the new “IT” Social Media site might just be the key, and instrument to helping me achieve this goal and enjoy the process in doing so.

The second reason, (which is actually the first reason) is money. Yes! That’s right Money!

If I’m going to spend endless hours online then why not try to utilize that time and try to monetize on my investment of the time spent online. And “IT” will give me the opportunity to do exactly that.

But for me it gets even better than this.

I just happened to stumble and fall into a mining shaft that could very well turn out to be the mother lode of and main artery and vain of a fantastic money making opportunity.

And that Mother Lode would be the “IGrow Network”.

The IGrow Network is the marketing company that just happens to be promoting the new “IT” social network.


Through the IGrow network I have an additional option to opt into a business opportunity marketing and signing people up with free user accounts for the new “It” social network, and by doing so, I have the opportunity to make money. It’s as simple as that.

As an Associate with the iGrow Network I am one of many that have the sole exclusive rights to market the Social Network product.

And you can to. I can sign people up with free user accounts for “IT” and also offer people the same opportunity I have in making money and perhaps changing the course of my life. And I’m most certainly up for that. I’ve always wanted to have my own home based business and now I have the opportunity to do so through the IGrow Network using a fantastic new concept and product. The new “IT” social network.

So Ya, I’m excited and looking forward to “IT”‘s release,

But As an IGrow associate I also get to have that instant gratification  and play with “IT” as a one of the Beta testers prior to it’s release.

That being said and again having gone over my self imposed one thousand word count limit on my blog posts I will end this piece with a couple links to sign up with a free user account for the new “IT” social network.



And until next time I hope that some of you will sign up and will be eagerly awaiting on “IT” as much as I am.





Doing it Wrong

There is an old proverb that says  “A fool and his money will soon part ways”.   When pondering what to write about for this week’s blog I decided this particular proverb might be the one that will catch people’s attention, and draw traffic to my blog here, and if anyone needs attention and traffic it would be me. I guess that’s the easy part, (drawing attention) I’ve always had a knack for that because I’m forever saying and doing things that give people a chuckle or head shake and or an eye roll. It’s just the way it’s always been with me.

So the first thing I figured I should do if I were going to use this old proverb is look up the word “Fool” in the dictionary. But I wanted more than just the definition I wanted to include somewhat of; the history and/or the etymology of the word which led me to the following.

The best and most in-depth and accurate definition with multiple examples I found, was in the 1828 Edition of Webster’s Dictionary which reads as follows…



FOOLnoun [Heb.]

  1. One who is destitute of reason, or the common powers of understanding; an idiot. Some persons are born fools, and are called natural fools; others may become fools by some injury done to the brain.
  2. In common language, a person who is somewhat deficient in intellect, but not an idiot; or a person who acts absurdly; one who does not exercise his reason; one who pursues a course contrary to the dictates of wisdom.

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.

  1. In scripture, foolis often used for a wicked or depraved person; one who acts contrary to sound wisdom in his moral deportment; one who follows his own inclinations, who prefers trifling and temporary pleasures to the service of God and eternal happiness.

The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. Psalms 14:1.

  1. A weak christian; a godly person who has much remaining sin and unbelief.

O fools, and slow of heart to believe all the prophets have written. Luke 24:25.

Also, one who is accounted or called a fool by ungodly men. 1 Corinthians 4:10.

  1. A term of indignity and reproach.

To be thought knowing, you must first put the fool upon all mankind.

  1. One who counterfeits folly; a buffoon; as a king’s fool

I scorn, although their drudge, to be their fool or jester.

  1. To play the foolto act the buffoon; to jest; to make sport.
  2. To act like one void of understanding.

To put the fool on, to impose on; to delude.

To make a fool of, to frustrate; to defeat; to disappoint.

FOOLverb intransitive To trifle; to toy; to spend time in idleness, sport or mirth.

Is this a time for fooling?

FOOLverb transitive

  1. To treat with contempt; to disappoint; to defeat; to frustrate; to deceive; to impose on.

When I consider life, ’tis all a cheat; for fooled with hope, men favor the deceit.

  1. To infatuate; to make foolish.
  2. To cheat; as, to foolone out of his money.
  3. To foolaway, to spend in trifles, idleness, folly, or without advantage; as, tofool away time.
  4. To spend for things of no value or use; to expend improvidently; as, to foolaway money.

FOOLnoun A liquid made of gooseberries scalded and pounded, with cream.


By now you’re probably asking yourself where is this leading, what’s constitution Kev talking about and when is he going to get to the money part. Right?

Ya money…

Everyone loves money. And that’s probably why you’ve continued reading up to this point right?

Ya it is!

Let’s be honest, my writing is surely not the most interesting or informative literature to read, I know, understand, and can accept that, (It is what it is.)  but occasionally I do bang out a halve-way decent piece every now and then. So that being said let me get right to the point so that I don’t waste anymore of your precious time. Because as I mentioned above getting attention is the easy part. It’s holding people’s attention and interest that is the hard part about writing. Unless a writer can do that they will never grow their reader base and thus never be anything more than another starving artist and dreamer. I mean we’ve all at one point or another in our lives fantasized about writing a book and being published right?

There are many reasons people write; in my case I think I write to to maintain my sanity and serenity, and I guess that’s not uncommon with a lot of writers. Which is why I rarely publish any of my work because most of my work is for my own personal emotional and mental health. And it is usually (at least in my mind) is not the type of material people like and are drawn to and I think most people would find it boring and uninteresting. But that’s not the reason I started this blog post. I started this blog post because I wanted to share my experience, thoughts, and what I’ve discovered with regards to a new business venture I’ve recently gotten involved with. And there in is where the problem starts…

Not the business or my research but the writing about it…..

You see I’m fast approaching my-self imposed 1,000 word limit count in this piece. (my word count is already up over nine hundred words) and there is no room left to explain and discuss the business, my thoughts, and/or my research in this post. Thus I will not be getting into that in this post. (perhaps my next post will be more focused and interesting)

But in the meantime just to give you an idea about what I’m going to be discussing; it will be related to the new social net work I’ve mentioned in previous two posts. But what I want to cover in the next post and what I will be talking about is not just money but the psychology and philosophy of marketing and monetizing social networking sites, the way people use social networks, and what people expect from them, along with touching on the history of social networking and why some have been successful and why some have failed.

So…Until my next post and while you’re waiting for it to arrive in your inbox, by all means check out my previous two posts and leave a comment and or a question, should one occur to you.

And if you like what you see, then by all means; sign up at the links posted (it’s free) and I don’t think you will be disappointed and/or be the fool who parts with his money.

“IT”‘s Here… O.M.G.

It’s hard not to be full of excitement; awaiting on the arrival of “IT”.

The power and force of “IT” and its impact on social media, e-Commerce, and the way in which people interact through the internet on the wonderful World Wide Web  I think will be like nothing we’ve seen before.

“IT” ‘s the next big thing.

A new social media site designed on the concept of sharing the revenues with it’s users by combining e-commerce and social networking.

“IT” originated from the It App and up to now has only been available for IOS. The new 2.0 version is now in alpha testing and will soon enter the beta testing phase.

“IT” will soon be available for all platforms (android, desktops, pad’s etc.)

Affiliated with nearly twenty thousand retailers, and given the fact that “IT” will be free to sign up and use, and the possibly of making commissions on products that sell through your posts, will be a huge magnet and incentive in recruiting and signing people up.

The World is going to love “IT”

This will go viral. (“ “IT” s The Next Big Thing”) they are claiming. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why.

It’s a brilliant idea and will create a more committed and faithful user base.

So who’s responsible for this; you may be wondering?

Well that would be a man named Lawrence Sowell at the helm; the Founder and CEO of the company.

I’ve taken the liberty of inserting a couple short video’s on the company below one hosted by Terry Bradshaw and the second is the official demo video of “IT” in action.

The third link at the bottom is the sign up link where you can become a free user on the “IT” social network when it is released and will be very soon.

Now here’s something we hope you’ll really like; the official demo of “IT” in action

Like what you’ve just seen?

You can sign up for a free account at the page below and then tell all your friends and help us build the new “IT” Social Network…

Click Here for Sign Up Page




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