Twitter Whinny’s Crying Whaa Whaa Whaa


Well… All you get with this post is a quick freewrite

Another Spooky-Boo October’s come and gone and we’re once again embracing Thankful November, and around these parts that means anything goes; Old Man Winter rules. Take your pick for the weather on any given day, week  or months to come. Snowy, cold, wet, wind, slush, multiple feet of snow every week… I’ve seen it before it’s that time of year where anything, goes Don’t let the fact that there are still leaves on the trees fool you and it only feels like a mild Autumn. But I love the change of seasons. I Love New England and feel blessed to have been born and raised in this area.

So Spooky-Boo October’s been in interesting month to say the least. I’m not exactly sure where to start here. I’ll say one though I scared the Bee-Geber’s out of someone out there in. I must have really struck a note. I know I write some pretty wild and crazy shit sometimes, (and I even suck at it sometimes, J) and YES I even sometimes hold nothing back and have a foul mouth, but hey…That’s the real me and certain things; I’m very passionate about. So I’m not really sure which post pissed off what person or group of people, but long story short The Bastards suspended my Twitter Account… “@ConstitutionKev”  So Now ConstitutionKev is a Twitter Zombie until I’m resurrected and I hope you’ll join in and help with the hash tag “#Re-InstateConstitutionKev”, Fortunately I have a back up, The original “@TheWiredJournal”; so I’ve just connected the journal They are one in the same any how so screw it…so childish though…The simple solution is if you don’t like my shit don’t frigging read me…


Not that I really give a flying monkey’s rats ass but Ya.. Feel Free to join the cause to re-instate  @ConstitutionKev, It’d be nice to see the reinstating of this account just to piss off the little whinny Whaa Whaa (‘s) that complained. I mean really…Grow the F up. Whaa Whaa Whaa…

So anyways… Yip! It’s been one of them .


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