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Silicon Oppression & Slavery

spy vs spy

Everyone’s got a nose for spying; hence I would imagine this is where the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” was coined. Contrary to popular belief Prostitution is not the world’s oldest profession. In fact truth be told, the act of spying dates back thousands of years; to the time when Moses and the Israelites were wondering around in the wilderness looking for the Promised Land. In fact it God himself was the brainchild who developed and implemented spying. In Numbers 13 God ordered Moses to send out twelve men to explore the land of Canaan.

Now ask yourself this question: If the lord god created the earth why would he need Moses to send out twelve men to explore the land he planned on giving to the Israelites? Didn’t he already know everything about that land and section of the earth along with whether or not it was useful for farming and raising crops to feed his people? Why would he need to order Moses to do such a thing? Surely he would have already known everything there was to know about this land and the people and animals that inhabited that land right? Again here it appears god is not all knowing. Unless of course he just wanted the leaders of the twelve tribes to see for themselves what they were getting into and were up against. Either way I guess it doesn’t really matter one way or the other; the point is that Moses did as he was told and sent one leader from each of the twelve tribes to explore the land.

But Moses took it one step further, or at least it appears that way. God said send out twelve men to explore the land but Moses instructed the leaders to not only explore the land but to assess and evaluate the people that inhabited the land of Canaan.

(17 When Moses sent them to explore Canaan, he told them, “Go through the Negev and then into the mountain region. 18 See what the land is like and whether the people living there are strong or weak, few or many. 19 Is the land they live in good or bad? Do their cities have walls around them or not? 20 Is the soil rich or poor? Does the land have trees or not? Do your best to bring back some fruit from the land.”) Numbers 17,- 20.

They are some key instructions here, namely focused on the people and their fortification and ability to defend themselves. How many, how weak or strong, were the city’s fortified with wall, and so on. This sounds more like Moses was planning for war and an invasion rather than a vacation in paradise and the Promised Land.

Needless to say the report they came back with was both good and bad; the good being it was a land of milk and honey, the bad being that the people not only had great defences but there were also giants living among them and would not be easily concurred. Thus the profession of spying had been birthed and through out the next five thousand or so years we’ve managed to perfect the art of spying.

Now fast forward to our modern high tech world and the computer age and we find the new modern version of Moses: Microsoft and its newest modern spy “Windows 10” which invades every aspect of our personal lives. The idea of personal privacy and freedom is now extinct. Computers are the new and modern Giants of old the sons of “Anak”. In the name of security Windows 10 can access every bit of personal data we have and what we do on out computers.

As stated by Bernard Marr in his recent LinkedIn article “We are becoming more and more used to sacrificing privacy for convenience, features, ease of use and, of course, “free” things. But we can’t afford to become complacent.”

I agree with him completely But this is nothing new and has been going on for quite a long time. e.g. “svchost.exe has been doing this and sending personal information to Microsoft sense it’s been installed into the windows operating system.

 The good news is that we still own the privacy of our thoughts and feelings.


How long before we allow ourselves to become micro-chipped with brain implants that scientists are now building in some states like California and Massachusetts under the guise of preventive medicine and cures for illnesses such as PTSD and Alzheimer’s which in itself, may not be a bad thing. But how long will it be before we began implanting our people in prison, or the mentally ill, or drug addicts, alcoholics, sex offenders, murder’s, rapists, gays and lesbians, and others that may have any given problems as behavioral modification techniques, under the guise of creating a utopian society and a world flowing with milk and honey A new world order, the promised land. And who will be spying on and controlling the spy’s who are spying?

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Truth On Fire: part III

Part III The Insanity of Mans Lies & Religions

Bible on Fire

I think it’s truly  tragic and sad the way those of the faith react when confronted with differing beliefs and/or opinions when it comes to their faith, or the god they worship.

There have been more atrocities committed throughout mankind’s history in the name in the name of God than any other reason known to man. This little historical fact spotlights what appears to be the most glaring, and ugliest of all defects we human beings face.

Yes, without a doubt, religion seems to be the biggest thorn in the flesh of mankind, and sadly, may just become the rational and the instrument of mankind’s demise.  As harsh and as radical as this may sound, it certainly does not fall outside of the realm of possibility when one considers the history  of man here upon earth. For even the first known recorded accounts of murder were done because of mans religious belief’s and/or jealousies where God was concerned. The classic examples of this would be when Cain killed Able because God favored Able’s offering over his own as recorded in the book of Genesis. Another ancient example of humans killing each other would be the epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Mesopotamian poem, which according to historians and other experts, dates back to 2100 B.C. needless to say mankind has from the beginning killed each other and warred with each other.

Now fast forward to our modern times, man now possess the most hideous, and abominable weapons ever known; chemical, biological, nuclear. We no longer fight with clubs and rocks, we now have weapons of mass destruction that are capable of literally destroying all life on earth, and then some; perhaps even beyond the boundaries of our planets atmosphere.

For who knows? Who can even begin to contemplate. It is beyond the human capacity to even begin to understand and/or fathom how the earths destruction would affect the realm of our solar system and the planets within it, and perhaps even extending beyond, to the outer realm of our galaxies where other life forms may exist.

Now what does all this say about God; our creator? That is if in fact there actually is one, as many claim, or believe there to be. What kind of entity would create such a horrible species as that of we humans; and for what purpose?

Consider this for a moment. Most every believer on the planet if asked would say that the main attribute of God is love and perfection, and is completely free of any flaws or defects.

If in fact there actually is one, and/or more that one as the bible claims as the bible seems to indicate. Taking note the book of Genesis where it says “Let us make man in our image”. Again the key words being “US” and “OUR”.

We Humans apparently have it all wrong, backwards, and upside down. We don’t seem to know Jack Shit, about who and what GOD is, and/or any of Gods attributes. And that’s a Fact!

I mean think about it for a minute! Think about just how pathetic and flawed the human race really is, and just how distorted our religious beliefs are.

Take for example the two most dominant religions, Christianity and Islam. We have Christ Jesus on the one hand and Mohammad on the other. It is a historical fact that both men lived and were actually real people that lived at one time.

Christ Jesus on the one hand lived as perfect a life as one could possibly live, he performed countless miracles, healed people who were sick and even raised a couple dead people and restored their life’s breath. He never took the life of another human being and gave hope to literary millions of people throughout the centuries. And Christ never wrote any holy book.

Now on the other hand we have the “so called” Prophet Mohammad who was nothing but a war mongerer, pedophile, politician, and military leader (among other things). He never healed sick people, raised people from the dead, or performed countless miracles as Christ did and Mohammad wrote a “So called’ holy book that condones everything Christ rejected and warned about. In fact Islam even acknowledges that Christ was a great man and prophet of God. Yet Millions of people still follow Mohammad’s teachings and hold this man up in the status of some sort of Godly man.  This man Mohammad Was NOT A Godly man. He was no Prophet of God.

People of All religions and on all seven continents have committed many atrocities and unspeakable crimes against their fellow man in the name of God and righteousness from the beginning and onward throughout the centuries. I fear that mankind will not awaken until it is to late, and then it will indeed be to late. I think that perhaps the first thing we need to do is to burn every so called “Holy Book” we written and unlearn everything we’ve been taught about God or think we know about God and his purpose for us, because apparently we have it all wrong and have completely distorted the message.



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Truth On Fire (part II)

Angel Fire: Angelic Molestation

Angel Fire

I’ve mentioned before in a recent blog that I’ve long believed mankind does not possess the wisdom, knowledge, nor understanding, to care for ourselves, or our planet and home mother earth. I then mentioned I’ve given up on placing any faith and trust in any given man made religions or their so called holy books; all of which were written by  men. I then went on to briefly pick apart a couple scriptures of the bible concerning the historical record of Mary’s plight to Egypt, in order to save the Christ child from king Harold, along with some of the main doctrinal teachings of the church.

What I did not do is deny that Christ did in fact exist. Historical records of some of the roman leaders of that time period do in fact support that there was indeed a man name Christ  who was put to death by the Romans.

Nor did I complete and finish my explanation of what I believe was the true message of Christ Jesus. Thus is the purpose for this work which I can not complete in one sitting and thus will take a mini series of posts to finish. Not that I feel I owe any explanation or insight into my belief system and personal philosophy but I’d like to finish what I started when I began my rant in the recent post I entitled ‘Truth On Fire’. In fact to be honest with you; I first began writing about these doubts and struggles with regard to my faith and the truthfulness of the scriptures four years ago in a series I entitled ‘Questioning the traditional teachings of Christianity’ on my very first blog which was hosted by Google blog spot. But that was very poorly written and read much like gibberish; so after half a dozen posts I scraped it. But anyways I seemed to have gone full circle here and find myself back to the place I began.

Someone famous once said, I’m not sure who it was, and I’m not going to bother trying to research who it was, you can do that on your own if you’re that interested in who it was but  what they said basically went like this:

“ For those who believe, no proof is needed, for those who do not;  No amount of proof will ever be enough”.

If what this person said is true then it probably will not matter what I offer and/or  present here. It will not make one bit of difference and will not change anyone’s  view and/or belief when it comes to the bible, the church, or anyone’s faith. It doesn’t matter one way or the other. What I writer here are my convictions and beliefs and mine alone. I am merely sharing them in the form of the written word here on my blog.

I reckon the best place to start, is  by popping the biggest question of all.

Not weather or not there is a God; as I believe this is.

In fact I know there is, for I’ve seen things that are not of this fleshly realm we humans inhabit. But that’s another story for another time.

But rather, Was Christ Jesus truly the son of God?

If he was; Which God? Is there more than one?

There may very well be.

This appears to be evidenced within the very first chapter of the Bible, in Genesis 1:26, Moses states:

“And God said: Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…..”.

The key words here being ‘us’ and  ‘our’. These are plural, not singular. Thus this implies that there are multiple Gods, not just one. It matters not how many there are, weather there are three (3 in 1) as Christians believe, e.g. the trinity,or if you will one god with three entities/attributes and/or persons. But one God just the same, or a million of them.  The point is; is that the scriptures claim, and/or indicate that there is more than one.

You can put any spin and/or twist you’d like on this.  Use the trinity, claim that God the Father, was speaking to the Holy Spirit, and Christ, or visa, versa, and God/(‘s) was speaking to the whole of the heavenly host’s and/or all the angels included. But the fact remains that the scriptures indicate that there is indeed more than one ultimate heavenly host and ruler (s),

Now! Lets fast forward a few chapters, to chapter Six and the flood…

Chapter six speaks of the son’s of God (or “GODS” if you will). I think it goes without saying that most would interpret these “son’s of god” as the angels of heaven.

At any rate as mankind began to multiply and fill the earth these angels (or sons of God) apparently somehow took women as wives and had sex with them and produced off spring and/or giants, and they were very wicked, hence God (or the Gods) decided to flood the earth. (or as some people believe  [these gods and/or aliens/ET’s] hurled asteroids  upon the earth) thus wiping out the dinosaurs and everyone but a few. Namely (Noah and his family).

But anyways …ya, the  scriptures  seem to indicate that the angels can produce off spring by performing some sort of sex act.

I think… or suspect rather that this is perhaps where the so called “Serpent Seed theory” originated from that some believe. (in other words the devil had sex with Eve and that’s how sin entered the world) but that’s a story for another time also.

Let’s get back to Christ Jesus and his birth, shall we…

I mentioned in my recent post that there was no historical record of king heralds mass murder of hundreds/ thousands of babies during or around the time of Christ’s birth.

And I made reference a line of thought,  that perhaps Mary and Joseph may have fled to Egypt to protect (Not the baby Jesus) but Mary from a sentence of death by stoning for having an extra marital affair and sex and getting knocked up before marrying Joseph. Now this may or may not be factual and/or the truth of what really happened two thousand years ago. Nobody knows for sure. There is no proof one way or the other.

Those of the faith take and accept the immaculate conception on faith and faith alone. They need nor would accept any proof that would contradict this belief  and/or facts to the contrary.

But just for the sake of argument, let’s place Genesis chapter six along side of the gospel accounts of the immaculate conception of Christ.

The Gospel claims the Holy Spirit came upon Mary….. Hmmmm…

OK that’s all fine and good as Genesis chapter six claims that indeed it is possible for heavenly hosts to intermingle with humans. And this would certainly explain the ability of Christ to perform all those miracles mentioned in the scriptures right?

Genesis’s chapter six implies that the off spring of the sons of god were “mighty men of old,  men of renown”

What does that mean?

That they too were able to perform miracles like Christ did?

Who knows? I sure as hell don’t, but to me it sure as hell sounds like it.

But wait a minute! Whoa there.

Hold the press.

Lets back up here for a minute.

If this is the case; why is it OK for God to produce off spring, but not the sons of god and/or the angels if you will?  It kind of seems like a double standard in the realm of the heavens does it not?

Now I haven’t even scratched the surface here and this is only the tip of the iceberg, but I’m going to end this here for now, as I’ve given you enough to mock at and roll your eyes over. And/or gasp at.

Yes I can hear the outrage of some of you Christians. How dear you mock Christ and God, You’re going to burn in hell you bastard. Who are you to plant seeds of doubt and attempt to destroy people’s faith etc. etc. on and on, yardy yarda yarda so on and so forth.

But hey…

What can I say your at the crossroads of reality and insanity. Which path you choose from here is totally up to you.

This is nothing…

Wait until I’m done here with the scriptures and teachings of the church and begin tearing into the phony baloney and insanity of Islam and that evil sick man named Mohammad and his followers…

But with regard to this…The big shocker is yet to come.

So until next time….

Cheerio folks!

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The Truth on Fire: Pondering Religion and the Fate of Humanity

I have long believed that mankind does not possess the wisdom, knowledge, or understanding to care for ourselves or our planet and home.

Angel Fire

I do not believe, nor hold the Bible, Quran nor any other book written by man to be a divinely inspired Holy book, or to be the words of the Lord God Almighty, for man is imperfect and massively defective in body, heart mind, soul, and spirit.

Nor do I hold any organized man made religion or belief system to be the divine truth.

Nor do I hold any of their prophet’s; whether it be Christ Jesus, himself, Mohammad, Buddha, or the like; or their words in high esteem for they themselves were mere  men and just as imperfect as the rest of mankind.

But if I had to choose one, above all the rest I suppose it would have to be Christ Jesus. (Not Christianity just Christ Jesus himself) For he alone stands out above and beyond the rest.

And there in lays the fatal flaw, for the record of Christ’s life was written by imperfect man; and man has attached to it a defective man made believe and ideology. And is it any wonder for even the words of Christ himself as recorded by man are contradictory . These words of mine may offend many people but it matters not for they are my beliefs and mine alone, and if that offends you then tough shit.

I do not believe Christ came to save mankind from their sinful nature.

I do not believe that confessing and believing that he (Christ Jesus that is) is Lord and the son of The Almighty Father and that he came into the world to die our sins that we are suddenly cleansed and/or saved and off the hook from damnation.

If this were the case, Christ would not have said in Matthew 7:21-23 that he will say to many people in that day “Screw, I never knew you. Get the fuck away from me.” (emphasis mine)

I could go on and on and tear apart  both the old and new testaments; the Quran, the prophet’s of both Islam and Christianity and the beliefs and doctrines and many other man made “So Called Holy Books” and man made religions and their “So Called Prophet’s” and belief systems and ideologies; but I will stop here and save that for other posts; with the exception of the saying the following.

Consider for one moment the times and customs of man in biblical times and the time in which Christ was born. In particular the story of king herald killing all the male children in an attempt to kill the new born king, and Mary’s flight to Egypt to save the Christ Child.

There is no historic record of any mass killings of new born children that we know of.

And consider this: A woman getting knocked up out of wedlock in those days would have most probably resulted in a penalty of death; probably by stoning. Thus this would explain one possible reason for Mary’s flight to Egypt, if indeed it ever really happened in the first place. It may not have been to save  the Christ child but rather to save her own ass from a death sentence.

Now consider for a moment all the miracles and wonderful works Christ Jesus performed; or better yet lets back up even further to the old testament miracles and wonders; or even better still go one step further and take into consideration all the prophecies in the old testament that foretold the coming of the Messiah Christ Jesus.

T.B.C……(maybe… )

If I feel like it

But let me leave you with this thought…

Brace yourselves, because what may come next should I decide to continue this, may very well devastate, unravel, and crumble  the very foundation  on which you built everything you think and believe about Faith, and what you’ve been taught with regard to your religious belief system.

Regardless of  what faith and religion you practice (or claim to believe and practice).








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The Potato Chip Caper (Another New York Tale)

I remember once while in New York City awaiting a bus transfer on my way back to Fort Dix, or I may have been on my way home. I forget exactly but this incident I remember crystal clear.

I was at the depot up the street from time’s square waiting on my connecting bus and decided I wanted a bite to eat. I exited the depot  and entered this little convenient store across the street a few doors down to grab some snacks and grub a bit to eat. There were only a couple patrons in the store, the owner behind the counter and a New York city Cop who just happened to be hanging out shooting the shit with the owner. The  short line cleared and I was the only one left aside from the cop and the owner.

So I have all my food on the counter and the owner begins ringing up the sale when low and behold the door opens and in walks this guy/kid in his twenties or so.  (Not that skin color or nationality, religion or ethnicity matters but he just happened to be black)

So I’m standing there, The cops on my left a few feet away leaning against one of the display shelves and him and the owner are engaged in a conversation and laughing.

To my right the door opens and in walks this guy. The door no sooner shut behind him when this little Italian guy (the owner) fly’s over the counter and begins whaling and pounding on this dude beating the crap out of him.

My first impulse was to stand aside so the cop could break it up but the cop never reacted, didn’t even move a muscle, he just stood there watching the owner whale on this guy.

A few moments later and after some screaming and hollering the guy finally manages to run out of the store.

So I’m standing there in shock trying to process what the hell just went down looking back and forth to the owner and the cop who still didn’t move.

So the owner returns to behind the counter, this time walking around the counter instead of flying over it like superman and begins finishing up ringing up the sale. I couldn’t resist asking, WTF was that all about. And the owner went on to inform me that about twenty minutes before I entered this dude had come in the store and grabbed a bag of chips and a couple other items and ran out before the owner could grab, or stop him.

While shocked the cop didn’t even flinch during all this I must say I was quite impressed by this little guy as the other dude was much baggier.

Now at the time of this occurrence (about thirty five years ago)  the cost of a bag of chips was perhaps fifth teen, maybe twenty cents a bag. I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed.

I would have to say that justice was served that evening and that this dude got what he deserved and that he was dam lucky it was only some potato chips he stole. I can only imagine what would have happened to him, had he stolen a box of doughnuts.

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