Doing it Wrong

There is an old proverb that says  “A fool and his money will soon part ways”.   When pondering what to write about for this week’s blog I decided this particular proverb might be the one that will catch people’s attention, and draw traffic to my blog here, and if anyone needs attention and traffic it would be me. I guess that’s the easy part, (drawing attention) I’ve always had a knack for that because I’m forever saying and doing things that give people a chuckle or head shake and or an eye roll. It’s just the way it’s always been with me.

So the first thing I figured I should do if I were going to use this old proverb is look up the word “Fool” in the dictionary. But I wanted more than just the definition I wanted to include somewhat of; the history and/or the etymology of the word which led me to the following.

The best and most in-depth and accurate definition with multiple examples I found, was in the 1828 Edition of Webster’s Dictionary which reads as follows…



FOOLnoun [Heb.]

  1. One who is destitute of reason, or the common powers of understanding; an idiot. Some persons are born fools, and are called natural fools; others may become fools by some injury done to the brain.
  2. In common language, a person who is somewhat deficient in intellect, but not an idiot; or a person who acts absurdly; one who does not exercise his reason; one who pursues a course contrary to the dictates of wisdom.

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.

  1. In scripture, foolis often used for a wicked or depraved person; one who acts contrary to sound wisdom in his moral deportment; one who follows his own inclinations, who prefers trifling and temporary pleasures to the service of God and eternal happiness.

The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. Psalms 14:1.

  1. A weak christian; a godly person who has much remaining sin and unbelief.

O fools, and slow of heart to believe all the prophets have written. Luke 24:25.

Also, one who is accounted or called a fool by ungodly men. 1 Corinthians 4:10.

  1. A term of indignity and reproach.

To be thought knowing, you must first put the fool upon all mankind.

  1. One who counterfeits folly; a buffoon; as a king’s fool

I scorn, although their drudge, to be their fool or jester.

  1. To play the foolto act the buffoon; to jest; to make sport.
  2. To act like one void of understanding.

To put the fool on, to impose on; to delude.

To make a fool of, to frustrate; to defeat; to disappoint.

FOOLverb intransitive To trifle; to toy; to spend time in idleness, sport or mirth.

Is this a time for fooling?

FOOLverb transitive

  1. To treat with contempt; to disappoint; to defeat; to frustrate; to deceive; to impose on.

When I consider life, ’tis all a cheat; for fooled with hope, men favor the deceit.

  1. To infatuate; to make foolish.
  2. To cheat; as, to foolone out of his money.
  3. To foolaway, to spend in trifles, idleness, folly, or without advantage; as, tofool away time.
  4. To spend for things of no value or use; to expend improvidently; as, to foolaway money.

FOOLnoun A liquid made of gooseberries scalded and pounded, with cream.


By now you’re probably asking yourself where is this leading, what’s constitution Kev talking about and when is he going to get to the money part. Right?

Ya money…

Everyone loves money. And that’s probably why you’ve continued reading up to this point right?

Ya it is!

Let’s be honest, my writing is surely not the most interesting or informative literature to read, I know, understand, and can accept that, (It is what it is.)  but occasionally I do bang out a halve-way decent piece every now and then. So that being said let me get right to the point so that I don’t waste anymore of your precious time. Because as I mentioned above getting attention is the easy part. It’s holding people’s attention and interest that is the hard part about writing. Unless a writer can do that they will never grow their reader base and thus never be anything more than another starving artist and dreamer. I mean we’ve all at one point or another in our lives fantasized about writing a book and being published right?

There are many reasons people write; in my case I think I write to to maintain my sanity and serenity, and I guess that’s not uncommon with a lot of writers. Which is why I rarely publish any of my work because most of my work is for my own personal emotional and mental health. And it is usually (at least in my mind) is not the type of material people like and are drawn to and I think most people would find it boring and uninteresting. But that’s not the reason I started this blog post. I started this blog post because I wanted to share my experience, thoughts, and what I’ve discovered with regards to a new business venture I’ve recently gotten involved with. And there in is where the problem starts…

Not the business or my research but the writing about it…..

You see I’m fast approaching my-self imposed 1,000 word limit count in this piece. (my word count is already up over nine hundred words) and there is no room left to explain and discuss the business, my thoughts, and/or my research in this post. Thus I will not be getting into that in this post. (perhaps my next post will be more focused and interesting)

But in the meantime just to give you an idea about what I’m going to be discussing; it will be related to the new social net work I’ve mentioned in previous two posts. But what I want to cover in the next post and what I will be talking about is not just money but the psychology and philosophy of marketing and monetizing social networking sites, the way people use social networks, and what people expect from them, along with touching on the history of social networking and why some have been successful and why some have failed.

So…Until my next post and while you’re waiting for it to arrive in your inbox, by all means check out my previous two posts and leave a comment and or a question, should one occur to you.

And if you like what you see, then by all means; sign up at the links posted (it’s free) and I don’t think you will be disappointed and/or be the fool who parts with his money.

“IT”‘s Here… O.M.G.

It’s hard not to be full of excitement; awaiting on the arrival of “IT”.

The power and force of “IT” and its impact on social media, e-Commerce, and the way in which people interact through the internet on the wonderful World Wide Web  I think will be like nothing we’ve seen before.

“IT” ‘s the next big thing.

A new social media site designed on the concept of sharing the revenues with it’s users by combining e-commerce and social networking.

“IT” originated from the It App and up to now has only been available for IOS. The new 2.0 version is now in alpha testing and will soon enter the beta testing phase.

“IT” will soon be available for all platforms (android, desktops, pad’s etc.)

Affiliated with nearly twenty thousand retailers, and given the fact that “IT” will be free to sign up and use, and the possibly of making commissions on products that sell through your posts, will be a huge magnet and incentive in recruiting and signing people up.

The World is going to love “IT”

This will go viral. (“ “IT” s The Next Big Thing”) they are claiming. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why.

It’s a brilliant idea and will create a more committed and faithful user base.

So who’s responsible for this; you may be wondering?

Well that would be a man named Lawrence Sowell at the helm; the Founder and CEO of the company.

I’ve taken the liberty of inserting a couple short video’s on the company below one hosted by Terry Bradshaw and the second is the official demo video of “IT” in action.

The third link at the bottom is the sign up link where you can become a free user on the “IT” social network when it is released and will be very soon.

Now here’s something we hope you’ll really like; the official demo of “IT” in action

Like what you’ve just seen?

You can sign up for a free account at the page below and then tell all your friends and help us build the new “IT” Social Network…

Click Here for Sign Up Page


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