Scratching the Itch

Re-inventing The Wired Journal 2017

I’ve never had much interest in writing about politics and I have no intention of starting, anytime soon. For me, writing about politics is like diving into the murky creepy, crawly critter infested swamp head first. (No Thank you! Not for me)
The itch is back and I feel I need to open up, re-invent, and re-launch The Wired Journal. But I will open up with a few thoughts on what I’ve seen during this past years presidential election campaign. In all my fifty-six plus years on this planet I have never witnessed such bizarre and hateful behavior and speech by my fellow countrymen as I have in this presidential campaign. When I think of politics it reminds me of something the lord Jesus said about the blind leading the blind.

When Obama was campaigning he did so on the platform that many of our problems were the fault of President Bush and the republicans, and promised change (nothing new coming from the mouth of a politician right?). And change we did see, but in a very ugly way on many fronts. (not just President Obama’s fault) And likewise with President-Elect Donald Trump. His platform was that our country is a mess because of the policies and the ineptness of the democrats to lead and govern, and that crooked Hillary could not be trusted. And again promised the American People that if he is elected he will bring change, drain the swamp and make America great again.

In less than a week Donald Trump will be sworn-in as the next President of the United States. Will there be change? I’m sure there will. Perhaps not the change you and I wanted, hoped, or even voted for, but I think we can all rest assure that we will without a doubt see and witness change. Good bad or indifferent. We can only hope that this new change will be for the good of all of us Americans (and the world). I remain hopeful, but I must admit, I have my doubts. No real change will can ever truly come until we, as individuals first change ourselves, the way we think, act, and treat our fellow human beings. I’d like to ask those who didn’t support and vote for Donald Trump to give him a chance.

I’ve long held the belief that we humans do not possess the intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, or understanding needed to rule and govern ourselves, or properly take care of our environment and planet without destroying ourselves and the planet along with us without the direct guidance and direction of our almighty creator. It’s what I call the “Sin Sickness or simply “sin” if you will. We’re all infected with it in some way shape or form.

For years that has been the footing, foundation, and the bedrock on which my spiritual and religious convictions have been built. It’s been a major source of comfort, and has lessened the confusion and pain through the many trials and tribulations I’ve endured throughout my life. It’s opened up my heart, mind, and eyes and given me a keen insight to our human nature. It’s helped me understand the who’s, what’s and why’s of the Scriptures, the Gospel, and the life of the Lord Christ Jesus. Why he came in the flesh, died, rose again and claimed he would return again and establish his kingdom and restore the earth to it perfect state. (less those day be cut short not one soul would survive)

I don’t believe “Sin” is an issue of being bad or evil. I think of it as a sickness of sorts. This is why I believe we have pollution, are killing ourselves and planet; why there is such behaviors as homosexuality, child molestation, rapes, murderers, wars, cancer, mental illness, self destructive behaviors, drug and alcohol abuse, hatred, racism, the list could go on and on and on…ALL THE WOES OF THE WORLD that plague every single one of us and the whole of the human race.

How and why it happened? Who knows! I sure as hell don’t, but I liken it to a simple comparison of two children arguing about something, (yes it is/no it’s not, yes it is/no it’s not) this going back and forth again and again until an adult steps in and says Hey! STOP IT! KNOCK IT OFF! AND STOP YOUR FUSING AND FIGHTING.

Sort of like the following example & scenario:

Some time shortly after the creation of the earth and mankind an argument began in the heavens between some angels. Some claiming that, because mankind was created so much in the likeliness and image of them and our almighty creator that mankind could govern and care for themselves and the earth without the direct guidance, and direction, of the almighty without destroying themselves and the earth. The other angelic beings claiming the opposite; no they can’t! (like the infant needs it’s mother, without the mother the infant would not survive) This went back and forth and back and forth until the almighty creator stepped in and said OK Stop it! Knock it off! I’ll prove it to you’s once and for all.
Hence; the story of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden; mankind was (in whatever way, shape or form it took place somehow separated from the heavenly realm). The rest is human history, and we now await the return of Christ. (Less those days be cut short; not one soul would survive)

That’s my faith and I’m sticking to it.

Now as far as the various religions of the world go I don’t believe anyone has the truth. Bits and pieces of it; yes maybe, but no one has the whole truth, and all fall short of the truth. Some fall far shorter than others but we all have the wrong interpretation and understanding of ourselves, fellow humans, and of our creator. Is the bible really the word of our creator and accurate? I don’t think so; I’ve found to many contradictions in my studies but I certainly cannot dispute that parts of it were divinely inspired. Did the writers of the scriptures get some of it wrong? I believe so. But I think that we misunderstand or misinterpret the message more than anything else.

But anyway…enough of religion that too is like the murky creepy crawly infested swamp.

So I’m back and I’ve re-launched The Wired Journal again this year because I’ve had the itch and a bad yen and missed writing and blogging. I shut it down due to my own personal fears, doubts and insecurities about the quality of my writing, and my abilities to write a decent piece of work, but this year I’m hoping to re-invent myself and plan to write bravely whether or not I write well or not. I have no particular plan for any specific topics or how often I will find the time to post as I’m also recently started and am managing an e-commerce website that I hope will become a means to at least some degree of financial independence for me and it is very time consuming. I’ve been working very hard and putting in endless hours over the past year and a half trying to get it designed and up and running and have had little success with regard to traffic and sales but I hope that will change in 2017 as I’m also re-inventing and revamping it’s marketing channels, SEO and other mechanics of that site also.

So The Wired Journal is Back.

Till I post again;

May you all enjoy each and every day, in your pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness and may every day be filled with blessing from above.

Peace to all
Over and out!

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