A Sad Day for America 69th US Presidential Inauguration

The Disrespect and Attack on Democracy


While much of the world watches as millions upon millions of Americans rejoice with hopeful hearts at the thought of a better, stronger, prosperous America and safer world as Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the next President of the United States, a dark cloud of embarrassment overshadows our democracy and  the inauguration ceremony as more than 60 elected members of congress from the democratic party spit in the face of every American and on the very foundation and principles on which this nation was built.

The boycott by those democratic members can in no way be justified, or excused. They are elected officials of congress and it is their responsibility and duty as elected officials to attend such a time honored tradition that dates back to the founding of our nation. Their actions are a disgraceful and an embarrassment to every American.

Yes indeed it is a very sad day for America when our elected officials place personal feelings and political ideologies above supporting our constitution and attempting to unite the american people by refusing  to attend the time honored tradition of the Presidential Inauguration and peaceful transition of power.

By doing so they are showing utter hatred, and disrespect for every American and the very principles on with this nation was founded.

The American people have spoken and as elected officials and members of congress the boycotting of Donald Trump’s  Inauguration by over 60 democratic members of congress is nothing less than an attack on our very democracy.

Post Inaugural Edit:

Listening to President Trump’s speech was like feeling the sun coming out in the midsts of a cold, wet bone chilling rainy day. Soothing, warming and very inspirational. It was certainly not the most mellifluous sounding speech I’ve ever heard but by far the most powerful.

The promise to fight for the people and bring back the American dream, the wealth, the jobs, the safety and security, to strip the DC clan of its power and return that power to we the people, to drain the DC swamp and make America Great Again.

The screwing of the American people by the DC clan all stops! Right here, Right Now, he said (paraphrased) so now the work begins; not just for him but for all Americans.

So as the days, weeks, and months ahead unfold; I shall remain skeptical but hopeful. I mean after all he is just a man and let’s face it; DC is a pretty big swamp to drain and there are some very ugly and vicious creatures inhabiting it. And it’s a huge job for just one man. We can only hope and pray that he will succeed and inspire others to work with him instead of against him. He will need our help. It will take all of us to drain that swamp and slay those ugly creatures. I Believe we can do it if we unite and stick together. There is strength in numbers, and many hands make light the work.



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