Massachusetts Law Makers: Dirty Greedy Thieving Scoundrel’s


Hat’s off to Governor Charlie Baker for vetoing a bill proposed by Massachusetts Law makers on Beacon Hill to give themselves a substantial pay raise.

This raise come in the midst’s of the state of Massachusetts facing a budget deficit and our country.

The problem is that they plan to override the governor’s veto next week and cut themselves a raise anyway.

This is the mentality of dirty, greedy, thieving scoundrel’s not the mentality of public servants looking out for the people of their state. Homeless veterans wondering the streets, an epidemic of heroin and other drugs on the streets killing our children, the list of problems the state faces is  a mile long. These lawmakers are not worthy of a pay raise, they suck at their jobs. 

Don’t you think?

Dirty thieving greedy scoundrels, there is no other term for it.  





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