America’s Worst Nightmare

Will We Ever Wake Up?

 America’s future is in peril. The Democratic Party has been a cancer and parasite on our nation sense it’s founding. In the 1800’s they raised the confederate flag and tore our nation apart with a civil war in an attempt to keep Blacks in chains and enslaved.

Fast forward to our modern day, OBAMA Care; the democrats rammed Obama care down the throats of the American People with lies and more lies. Now health care costs and premiums have soared to over 100%, Crippling small businesses all around the country, yet they still fight tooth and nail for their disastrous health care.

The list goes on and on, yet they still refuse to see how destructive their actions are. The Democratic Party is now currently in shambles, many of the rats are jumping ship. They are desperate and frantically attempting to create a new image.

Meet the new Democratic Party; same as the old party, No plans to work with our new president or to help to make America great again, they could care less about the state of our nation, or its citizens, all they want to do is fight with Donald Trump. They have continually lied to the American people and now still continue to do so.

Made up media stories, continued attacks on President Trump, They’ve even elected a new leader for their party, but not to help make America great again, but rather only as an attempt to desperately hold on to what little power and trust they have left.

Divide and Conquer by whatever means they can, Fuck the American people. It’s sad but that’s the way they operate. They are so out of touch with the American people, and/or they just don’t give a flying monkeys rats ass.

The American People have lost all trust and faith in the Democratic Party and their hate. , we can only hope they will eventually fade away and cease to exist. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

A Classic example of how backward and blind they are can be seen in a recent bill overwhelmingly approved by Massachusetts law makers. A bill that will hopefully make Massachusetts a green state by 2035. The problem is they only targeted Solar and Wind, (two industries plagued with corruption and wasteful spending during the Obama administration. They failed to even address or even consider GEO Thermal Energy, which is a much more efficient and cheaper green energy source and would create many many more jobs and boost our economy.

I will give you an example, a couple years back we had a wind turbine installed in our city, Less than a few hundred yards down the road from a General Electric plant that make turbines and air craft engines, Yet guess where our Wind mill turbine was manufactured and came from? China!!! Yup, China, Then of course there is that huge new solar panel plant built in (I believe it was Arizona) a few years back Again… It’s owned and operated by Chinese Company. The future looks grim for America and will continue to, until we can exterminate the destructive parasites that call themselves Democrat’s. Will America ever wake up from this Democratic nightmare before it’s too late?

Hail the Hate and The Democratic Party!


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