Enforce or Amend

Our whole legal system (including our Constitution) is a Complex adaptive system rooted in morality and ethics. Basically meaning that it was designed to be a constantly changing and evolving system that can be adjusted, and modified as our society and its needs changes.

This is why I believe our founders placed Article V in our Constitution. I think they anticipated and expected changes in our society and attempted to compensate for that, Thus Article V was inserted into our Constitution.

But without adherence to the laws the whole system and the paper/parchment they were/are written on are worthless and meaningless.

Thus the begging question is Do we need an Article V Convention of States, to fix or amend our constitution or do we need to simply enforce the laws and our constitution that we already have?

Is our constitution even flawed or are there really errors or defects as some claim? If so is it time to call an Article V Convention? You decide!

The following is a series of videos put out by the John Birch Society promoting an agreement against holding an Article V Convention at this time. We strongly suggest you watch them. You will find them very interesting and informative.

Part one



Part Two



Part Three


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