Merry Christmas & Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Face Book

Unless of course you are a conservative business owner

Twas the beginning of December

and all over the net,

businesses were hustling

selling their Christmas stuff.

But one conservative business elf

was just starting out,

loading up his website

with all kinds of neat stuff.

And each product loaded

also fed his face book site.

When all of a sudden the product photos

were no where in face book site.

 In a panic he ran

To Santa and told him

Face Book was a naughty site.

Santa just smiled and laughed

I know that Squiggly Santa replied.

I’ve got plenty of coal

For that naughty site.

And they’ll have a hellish new year

for their naughty deeds

When I have Rudolph

Turn out their lights

Then they won’t be playing

Anymore Naughty Website Games

Ho Ho Ho Little Elf

The joke is on them

I had no intention of selling

 This Holiday Season

From your website.

They didn’t screw you out of one single penny

Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho

They’ve got egg on their FACE…

That naughty little face book site.


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