Never before in the history of our country have the freedoms and our cherished way of life that we hold so near and dear even our very existence been threatened like in our modern present time. I’m not talking about WMD’s such as chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or going to war with our enemies abroad.

What you are about to read is a true story; but first I want to ask you a question straight up.

How much do you value the fundamental rights and freedoms given to us through our beloved and cherished Constitution? How much or rather how many would you be willing to sacrifice and under what circumstances would you abandon them. “Live Free or Die”

How Free is FREE?

I had the opportunity yesterday to witness something very disturbing. While doing some work on my computer someone decided to reveal to me that I was somehow hacked and had little to no control over my computer. Programs, various files, windows etc. began opening on their own. Normally hackers don’t let you know you’ve been hacked, nor do any law enforcement agencies and PC’s do not do that when they have become Botted.

My initial reaction was to shut down my PC (now mind you I have security software on my computer) Being hacked is just a fact of life (unfortunately) in today’s modern world. It’s just the way it is. The problem is that what happened goes far beyond just being hacked and spied on. Whoever it was wanted to let me know they were there watching my every move.

A normal course of action on my part proceeded. I did what needed to be done and fired up the PC once again. This is where it get’s spooky. It continued to happen. My next step involved locking the fire wall down, and disabling the network adaptors so that I could trouble shoot and find the problem and pin point the source.

Well Guess what… It didn’t work, they let me know they were still there in-spite of the fact that the fire wall was locked down, the network adaptors were disabled, and I was not even connected to the internet.

Now I have to ask; how is that possible? Who has that power and ability? A Foreign State, The Government, Computer manufacturer’s, Microsoft engineer’s or others from silicon Valley?

How the hell can you control a computer that has the fire wall locked down, the network adaptors disabled that is not even connected to the internet.

Before you ask I will set your mind at ease… No It was not a malfunction of any of my software or programs, or my computer itself.

So the begging question is who, what, why, and HOW?

They would need access to the windows Microsoft system files and the very core of the system itself, from within and even so how could they communicate with the system where it wasn’t even connected to the internet and the network adaptors disabled.

Who has this power, and ability, and technical know how? Not even professional hackers have that ability!  And if it can be done to me what’s to stop or prevent this from happening to…??? (whoever) Our military, various government agencies, members of congress, major corporations, banking institutions; I mean the list could go on infinitely.

I’m just a simple man, average American; I’m not rich, nor do I have any ties with any criminal organization, foreign states, domestic terrorists, or the like. So why me and why let me know? What purpose would it serve for them to expose themselves like that?

Actually non of those questions really matter at this point; what matters is that if it’s being done to me then it is being done to everyone that uses any type of electronic divice…(Each and every single American), every business, from top to bottom, you name it!

What are the alternatives? Resort back to the dark ages? It appears that our beloved constitution, along with all of our beloved freedoms and rights to privacy are a thing of the past. We are no longer a Free people we are no longer a sovereign nation of people. This certainly raises a ton of questions for me. Where does this end? This is something should not and CAN NOT BE IGNORED.

Now let me say this; they did no harm (That I’m aware of…) other than violate me and my personal space and constitutional rights. And I must admit I’m not surprised in the least even though this is pretty serious shit.

What frightens me even more is this…

Consider these new microchip implants that are now being built that are implanted in people under the guise of medical advancements. (Helping people who suffer with various illnesses such as PTSD, Alzheimer’s and the like)

Brain implants!

At what point will these implant begin to be used as behavioral modification device’s; starting with the worst of society? Those in prison, murderers, Rapist’s, Child molesters the list could go on and on. Where will it end? I have no doubt they will eventually be used to attempt to create the perfect society. (this is no sci-fi shit anymore. This is real and the reality of the times we live in)

But let me take this one step further. What happens when those devices are hacked? Instead of a utopia and the perfectly behaved members of society will we have thousands of mass murderers like that sick wacko that shot and killed dozens and dozens of innocent people attending the country western concert in Las Vegas or the Gay night club shooting in Florida last year?  Or worse! …

Think about it! This is some really radical shit, and it’s real! It’s not science fiction anymore. This is the beginning of the end folks. But as far as the little story I just mentioned above about being hacked…

That is 100% factual and it happened to me. Nothing you do is private anymore. Everyone is under the microscope.

The only remaining question is who is behind it, and what is their long-term plans going forward with this technology? And how the hell do we stop them. Are we to abandon our constitution and beloved freedoms for the sake of all mankind? Fire nukes into the atmosphere and blow them in order to create an electromagnetic pulse so that no electronic dices will work?

Only time will tell. But in the mean time…Don’t be fooled thinking your computer and data is safe and secure; because it’s not.






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